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The Most Unusual Restaurants You Have to Try in Sydney

It’s no secret that us Sydneysiders LOVE to eat out. Whether it’s a Thai takeaway on the couch, a mid-week trip to the local Italian or a special occasion spent dining at a seriously high-class joint – we love our food and we love enjoying it with friends and family.

However, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing where to eat. Of course, we all have our favourites (and they’re our favourites for a reason). But we personally believe that life is too short to not get out there and experience new things – and this is no different when it comes to making ever-important dining option decisions.

So, the next time you’re feeling peckish and don’t feel like cooking, or if you’ve got a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary coming up, why not choose a culinary experience that’s a little out of the ordinary? A little wild? Maybe even a little crazy?

SKYE Suites have put together our favourite picks in the Sydney dining scene for amazing foodie experiences that will have you sharing your discoveries with your friends and family for months to come. Because after all, we know that a truly memorable restaurant is about more than just the food – it’s about the atmosphere, the memories and who you share them with!

Spice World – Haymarket

Spice World is a restaurant that’s seriously out of THIS world. We’re all familiar with the traditional Chinese hot pot method of cooking and eating together – it’s delicious, it’s spicy, it’s fun and it’s varied with the types of ingredients and combinations that can be created. But Spice World takes this to a whole new level.

First of all, the beautifully marbled slices of beef arrive draped around a Barbie doll, ready for you to pick off and place into your delightfully boiling Sichuan broth. Remember that time Lady Gaga wore a dress made of meat to an awards ceremony? Yep, you’d be right in thinking that’s the inspiration behind this quirky venture. Spice World also has a ‘sauce buffet’ of every type of sauce you can imagine for adding flavour to your dishes, as well as stock cubes that initially take the form of Hello Kitty or a teddy bear (before being dissolved in a seriously firey death).

Spice World is definitely an experience to be reckoned with for lovers of the wackier styles of dining!

Via Napoli Pizzeria – Lane Cove, Hunters Hill and Surry Hills

The Via Napoli Pizzerias were founded by Naples-born pizza chef Luigi Esposito. His passion for pizza began at the age of 8 after learning the art of Napoletana pizza from his grandparents. When he came to Sydney from Naples, he wanted to create a truly authentic restaurant experience for his diners, making them feel as if they’d just stepped foot into a little ‘slice’ of Italy.

The Via Napoli restaurants are simply rustic and gorgeous – they smell of basil, tomato and charcoal, and are adorned with Pulcinella masks, hanging prosciutto, chillies and entire Parmigiano wheels – it doesn’t get more Italian than that! The next time you have a craving for a delicious, cheesy, authentic pizza – why not give Via Napoli a go?

The Grounds of Alexandria

Since its opening in April 2012, The Grounds of Alexandria (or just ‘The Grounds’ as it’s more commonly known) has become a Sydney institution. Located in a former 1920’s industrial precinct, it’s held onto much of its rustic farm charm throughout its landmark cafe, restaurant and bar, garden, bakery and patisserie, coffee roastery, florist and markets.

The Grounds is more than just a spot for brekky and lunch – it’s an entire experience! A bit of a heavenly sanctuary in the middle of urban Alexandria, pop in for breakfast and to see resident pig Kevin Bacon, pick up a bag of coffee from The Roastery, or dance the night away with live music in The Shed on Fridays from 6.30.

360 Bar and Dining, Sydney CBD

Another Sydney icon, 360 Bar and Dining is the ultimate location for when you want that ‘extra special’ occasion venue. Located high above the city in the Sydney Tower, 360 offers, well, just that – 360 degree views of the Sydney CBD, Harbour and beyond. The restaurant rotates as you dine on their fresh, seasonal fine-dining menu paired with specially designed cocktails, liqueurs, wines and champagnes from around the world. Perfect for groups, you can even book a ‘360 Premium Experience’ that offers a delicious degustation menu and guarantees you a window seat reservation. Brilliant!

Restaurant Hubert, Sydney CBD

In our opinion, Restaurant Hubert is definitely up there as one of THE best date spots in Sydney. A gorgeous French restaurant in the heart of the Sydney CBD, this place is all about oozing a chic, relaxed atmosphere.

Serving lunch Thursday to Friday and dinner through to late night supper Monday to Saturday, Hubert is about delicious French food, quirky ambience and delightfully authentic decor. The romantic soft lighting and banquet menus featuring duck parfait, escargot, beef tartare and creme caramel makes it the perfect special occasion spot for celebrating with loved ones, or even for a quick mid-week date.


Japanese cuisine is all about elegance, simplicity and quality flavours; and luckily, Yu Sasaki does an amazing job of portraying these elements at his restaurant, SASAKI. A homage to his childhood in the Japanese countryside, the menu at SASAKI is based around Yu’s mother’s style of home cooking – simple and made with love. Yu sources seasonal, fresh ingredients that have been picked at their peak from local farmers and suppliers to deliver an authentic Japanese experience.

Thinking outside of the box for your next Sydney dining experience

We all know Sydney is home to some of the most amazing dining experiences in the world, and it would be a true shame to not take advantage of living in this beautiful city. So the next time you’re booking a dinner venue (whether it’s for you and your partner or a large group of friends) why not aim for something a little more fantastical and unique?