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Sydney’s Newest Landmark – SKYE Suites Green Square

In a city like Sydney, the bench is set high when it comes to significant landmarks. There are the shell-like sails of the Sydney Opera House; the historic terrace buildings in The Rocks; and the soaring Sydney Harbour Bridge. There’s the Parramatta River meandering to the western suburbs, and of course Bondi Beach that glitters to the east. And now, just south of the CBD, there is a new landmark on the horizon. The swooping loop of the SKYE Suites Green Square building creates an iconic gateway to the city’s newest town centre in over 100 years: Green Square.

The town centre and SKYE Suites building both set a new benchmark in design.
Green Square will be a sustainable and culturally significant neighbourhood at the junction of Zetland, Waterloo, Alexandria, Rosebery and Beaconsfield, complete with its new public library and sports complex. Pedestrians will have over 40 green community spaces to interact in, each inspired by the site’s significance in Sydney’s history. There’s The Drying Green, for example: a 6,200m2 park named for the thick conch grass where sheep’s fleeces were once washed and laid out to dry in huge quantities. There’s also Mulgu Park and Dyuralya Square, named for black swans and brolgas respectively in the local Aboriginal language. With cultural street art, world-class sustainability measures, open plazas and outdoor furniture, Green Square will truly provide spaces for all people.

The opening of the new SKYE Suites building has been eagerly anticipated due to its innovative design by award-winning architect Koichi Takada. A large part of the appeal of the new Infinity by Crown Group building is that it has 18 levels which might typically set the expectation of a monolithic design – and yet, from its ground-floor public plaza this undulating glass and steel loop provides a gentle connection to its landscape. Its sweeping arch creates an open space that allows sunlight and breezes to reach the central plaza on a year-round basis, while its green terraced levels provide a sense of natural surroundings. The result is a building that includes state-of-the-art amenities, 90 new SKYE Suites, Green Square train station and 326 residential apartments, and still feels like an inviting structure that is closely connected to the local community.

Our third location has now opened within the iconic Green Square building, joining the award-winning SKYE suites in the Sydney CBD and Parramatta.
SKYE Suites Green Square offers unparalleled amenities, including luxurious serviced apartments with a gym and infinity swimming pool, exciting retail and dining options and a new train station within the very same building for a quick trip to the CBD or airport.

You can be amongst the first to stay within this breathtaking new building, with long-term rates available.

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