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Discover the Skittle Lane Precinct (Sydney’s Best-Kept Secret)

What seems like one of Sydney’s best kept secrets, Skittle Lane is the newest precinct to liven up Sydney’s unused laneways; much in the style of Melbourne’s alleys.

In the very heart of the CBD, the Skittle Lane precinct has popped up with a hotel and stunning variety of boutique retailers, giving new life to a thoroughfare with some historical significance.

A pedestrian walkway that links Clarence and Kent Streets, Skittle Lane was originally built somewhere between 1865 and 1880 to service the needs of the workers in the warehouses of the time; and sailors and soldiers often used it as a bowling alley.

Otherwise kept as a passing lane to get from one street to another until November 2018, the Skittle Lane Precinct has used the space to create a modern yet timeless combination of luxury suites with retailers right at their doorstep.

If you’re looking to discover Skittle Lane’s secrets, our top tips for the experiences to jump in on will help you navigate this trendy new development.

Skittle Lane Coffee

A new precinct needs good coffee, and what better way to represent the new precinct than with a roaster that shares the same name. Skittle Lane Coffee offers beautiful coffee blends reviewed as some of the best in all of Sydney. Be sure to grab yourself a cookie “bigger than your head” whilst you’re grabbing your morning caffeine hit, as regular customers describe these sweet treats as the best part of visiting Skittle Lane Coffee.

Each of their locations are beautifully decorated in industrial minimalistic style, so you can grab a few selfies against the backdrops whilst you’re waiting for your order.


PS40 is a unique cocktail experience with handcrafted sodas available from their space. If you enjoy new experiences, PS40 is the bar to head to as one of the most hip places to be in Sydney. Set yourself up with the most colourful cocktail you and your bartender can put together, and be sure to Instagram yourself looking fabulous.

PS40 often has fun collaborations and events with other companies, such as teaming with Messina to create gelato cocktails, or their ‘PS Pharma’ range: a cocktail blend guaranteed to “cure what ails you” (or at least make sure you have some fun in the process).

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Infusion on Clarence

If you’re a connoisseur of specialty coffees, Infusion on Clarence should be your first stop. Winners of the 2018 and 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards, you can rest assured that this company knows their coffee. Multi-award winning blends, featured origins and cold brews on tap are all on offer, as well as poke bowls, all-day bites and sweet treat options if you’re feeling peckish.

Be sure to dine in and try the Sampler Flight, a board of three sample blends for you to try. If you fall in love with a particular flavour, Infusion has beans for sale that you can purchase to take home with you.

Grew & Co

It’s not just jewellery; it’s wearable art. A visit to the Grew & Co jewellery store is the ideal place for you to find a beautiful gift or to treat yourself to something special. Grew & Co are founded on the fascination for rare and precious objects, seeing themselves as artists as well as jewellers. Their designs feature rare or intricately cut stones and gems to produce uniquely different designs sure to turn heads.

A beautiful piece of jewellery can make you feel just as precious as the stones within in, and the store offers both ready to wear and custom options to suit your needs.

Izakaya & Ramen Michi

Quality Japanese cuisine is not hard to find in Skittle Lane, with Izakaya & Ramen Michi topping the list of casual but quality restaurants to visit whilst in Sydney. Providing you with the choice of ramen or sushi, Izakaya & Ramen Michi are perfect for dine-in groups if you’re bringing your friends or family, or take away if you’re heading back to your suite to dine in.

Izakaya offers a fantastic selection of traditional sake wines as well if you’re in the mood for something a little stronger with your meal.

Exploring Sydney’s new Skittle Lane

Just when you thought you’d seen all of what Sydney has to offer, Skittle Lane shakes up the urban landscape with a modern and luxe experience to be had by all. Already named the jewel in the crown of Sydney’s CBD; the dining and retail precinct is a true delight for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

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