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Discover the Greens Square Shopping Precinct

Green Square’s exciting new shopping development has finally opened, allowing visitors and residents the opportunity to soak in the modern and sophisticated developments the location is now offering. Having long been an industrial area, Green Square now boasts the trendiest of bars, cafes, retail and meeting spots – all just one stop from the CBD.

Skye Suites new luxury hotel suites located in the Green Square Infinity building offer luxe poolside spots, along with gym and sauna access and everything you need to unwind in style. Once you’re settled, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of what this thriving inner city suburb has to offer.

Green Square’s close proximity to the airport makes it the perfect first stop to shop, dine or meet with friends. Our top picks for your recreation and entertainment will ensure your trip to the city fringe is one you’ll be talking about for months to come.


If antique shopping is your style, you won’t want to skip a visit to Lunatiques. This 300 square-metre vintage store boasts a huge collection from some of Sydney’s premier antique dealers. Plan to spend an entire afternoon exploring the nooks and crannies filled with pre-loved treasures and make some room in your luggage – you will certainly need it!

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Miracle Supermarket

A quick pop into the Miracle Supermarket will fulfill all your Asian grocery needs. Miracle has been making huge strides over the last few years, with locations popping up in convenient locations and major supermarkets. Their latest store in Green Square is stocked to the brim with fresh Asian vegetables, cold cuts and BBQ meat, as well as everyone’s favourite Asian pantry items.

Venus Nails

Don’t miss the opportunity to pamper yourself at Venus Nails, located in the Surry Hills East Village shopping location. Personalised attention will have you feeling renewed and invigorated with a range of beauty treatments including manicures and pedicures, waxing, and nail art.

Infinity Health Medical Centre

You want to be feeling your best, but sometimes illness can strike at the wrong time. Luckily Infinity Health Medical Centre is in close proximity if you’re in need of a doctor or medical attention. Womens and mens services, as well as general health and many other services are provided at this state of the art clinic.

Butcher and the Farmer

No new destination is complete without gourmet cuisine and fantastic ambience; and this means new restaurant Butcher and the Farmer should definitely be on your dinner reservations list. Classic favourite meals sit alongside fresh and modern flavours to provide true delight to all your senses, with an all-day menu, breakfast menu and bar options. There’s a favourite meal for everyone at Butcher and the Farmer no matter what you’re in the mood for.

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Social Society – Gabriel Coffee

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Social Society – Gabriel Coffee is THE place to get your hit of caffeine in Green Square. The specialty coffee roaster offers rich blends you can even purchase to take home with you if you fall in love with a particular flavour. Wake up with the Social Society, and start your day the right way.

Izakaya Masuya

Izakaya Masuya is the first Izakaya style offering in Australia, introducing sake to the Australian palette from many different regions of Japan. By day, bento box and sushi options are a popular choice, whilst by night, Izakaya Masuya turns into a full restaurant experience with hot pot, kobachi dishes and of course, the perfect sake to match.

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Bashan Noodle

A Szechuan noodle bar with handmade noodles? Sign us up! Bashan Noodle is a popular spot if you’re after traditional ramen with your choice of additions. Located in the retail precinct of the Infinity building, Bashan Noodle is a close-by location to stop in at if your stomach is rumbling.

Bar Pho-losophy

For the ultimate Pho experience, head to Bar Pho-losophy. Delicious traditional snacks alongside a wide option of Pho and hot soups set Bar Pho apart. Simple dishes done extremely well will ensure you’ll be visiting their Green Square location more than once.

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Gong Cha

Your sweet tooth will thank you after a visit to Gong Cha Juice and Tea. Bubble teas, milk teas, sweet and savoury options and more will quench your thirst and give you the energy hit you’ll need to work, rest and play.

Exploring the urban renewal of Green Square

The development to the Green Square area has been truly astonishing, combining world class technology and construction with beautiful design and bespoke businesses. With so many different entertainment and recreation options, the new development at Green Square is just waiting to show you what it has to offer.

Your stay at the Skye Suites in Green Square pops you right in the centre of the action, closeby to the Green Square library, train station and shopping options.

Located one stop from Central, you’ll surprise yourself at how close you are to everything whilst spoiling yourself amongst the incredible architecture of the Infinity development and beyond.